I'm an industrial engineer PhD with eight years of research experience in the mechanical engineering branch, more precisely in implementation of multibody simulators applied to virtual reality, vehicle simulation, mechanisms and machinery.

I have worked with C/C++, Fortran, Python, Matlab/Octave and LabView on the development of real-time vehicle models for hardware-in-the-loop platforms like Texas Instruments PXI. I’ve been developing mostly under GNU/Linux, where I am the most comfortable, but I spent my two first research years in Windows and I have also developed under Mac OS for a few months. I usually fiddle with Raspberry Pis, and from time to time also with Arduinos, ESP32, ESP8266 and MSP430. I’ve developed some small web-based projects using Python, Django and SQLite as well.

My PhD thesis was focused on contact models and collision detection for virtual assembly, including a stay at the Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Group from the University of Bremen, which is specialized on computer graphics, artificial vision, virtual reality and natural user interfaces. I've also developed haptic interface hardware using KiCad and its corresponding control software.

I've teached Solid Works and Solid Edge in the Computer Assisted Design subject at the University of A Coruña for four years. I have also regularly worked with Blender, and I know some AutoCad, Inkscape and Gimp.

I am particularly interested in new technologies, especially machine learning/AI and blockchain, where I am currently developing some personal projects and enrolled in online courses. I consider myself an enthusiast of science and divulgation, the aerospatial industry, physics and mathematics, music, design, LEGO blocks and I'm fascinated by the human brain and how things work, as well as explaining and teaching them.






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PhD Thesis PDF


2020 - Present CTAG, Automobile Technological Center of Galicia
Machine learning platform engineer
2019 - 2020 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, UDC
Research support technician
2014 - 2018 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, UDC
FPI predoctoral researcher and PhD teaching assistant
2017 Computer Graphics Group, University of Bremen
PhD student on international stay
2012 - 2014 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, UDC
Research assistant
2011 Department for Urban Planning, Town Hall, Cedeira
Internship student
2007 Civil Protection, Cedeira
Stage assembly, light and sound installations and security staff


2014 - 2018 PhD in Industrial Engineering
University of A Coruña
2012 - 2013 Industrial Engineering Research Master’s Degree
University of A Coruña
2003 - 2011 Industrial Engineering Master’s Degree
University of A Coruña


2014 C1 Certificate in Advanced English
Cambridge School
2013 Introduction to Python 20 hours
University of A Coruña
2011 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 8 weeks (online)
Stanford University
Introduction to Machine Learning 8 weeks (online)
Stanford University
Child Education and Support Volunteering 3 weeks
Nepal Sonríe NGO
2008 Welding 20 hours
Navantia Ferrol
2004 C Programming 50 hours
2003 Coastal Skipper
Nautical and Fishing School, Ferrol
2002 Basic and Intermediate English 4 years
Official School of Languages, Cedeira
2001 AutoCad 30 hours


Development C++, C, Python, Fortran, Matlab/Octave, Labview, HTML/CSS,
GNU/Linux, Git, Bash, Qt5, OpenSceneGraph.
Currently learning TensorFlow, JavaScript and Node.js.
Design and edition Solid Edge, Solid Works, Blender, AutoCad, Inkscape, Gimp, Latex
Languages English, Spanish, Galician
Artistic Guitar
Other Driving license