I’m an Engineering PhD with almost ten years of experience in research and software development. Despite I started my carrer from a purely scientific and academic perspective, after my PhD I decided to shift my focus towards more applied fields, since I felt I was more interested in the practical application parts of problem-solving.

I consider myself an IT enthusiast, and love understanding and automating things. I am particularly interested in new technologies, especially Machine Learning, Distributed Ledger Technologies and Security. I’m a fan of the aerospatial industry, Physics and Mathematics, open source code, music, design, LEGO blocks and I'm fascinated by the human brain and how things work.

I have always worked on small and medium-sized teams where every member must take ownership on their projects and be able to work without close supervision. Currently I work for an automotive research center where I'm implementing a sensor managing and recording platform to generate training data for machine learning algorithms. Recently I’ve started taking a DevOps role, learning about Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and the CI/CD cycle, as well as server managing.

Previously I’ve worked on the development of efficient, real-time collision detection algorithms, multibody simulators applied to virtual assembly and vehicle, machinery and mechanism simulations for hardware-in-the-loop platforms. I have also designed and developed haptic interface hardware and its corresponding control software.

Teaching at the university for four years and writing scientific papers helped me to improve my communication skills, and since I’ve always loved explaining things to others as well as divulgation, I keep trying to make my tiny contribution through my Youtube channel, telling stories about science, technology and development.







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PhD Thesis PDF


2021 - Present Senior Python Engineer
Valory AG
Building multi-agent systems and distributed ledger technology.
2020 - 2021 Machine Learning Platform Engineer
CTAG, Automobile Technological Center of Galicia
Developing a sensor recording, managing, syncing and decoding platform to generate
training data for autonomous vehicle machine learning algorithms. Learning DevOps.
2019 - 2020 Research support technician
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, University of A Coruña
Researched and validated a volumetric force model based on sphere discretizations
from the Computer Graphics Group. Wrote two research papers based on my dissertation’s
results and those validations.
2014 - 2018 Predoctoral Researcher and PhD Teaching Assistant
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, University of A Coruña
Researched and implementated a multibody real time simulator capable of handling
conforming contacts using a precise collision detection algorithm and a volumetric
force model. Developed a VR haptic feedback glove device, from electronics design
to control software. Teached Solid Works and CAD. Colaborated with the Computer Graphics
Group in the University of Bremen during an international stay.
2012 - 2014 Research Assistant
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, University of A Coruña
Developed a real-time multibody vehicle simulator for hardware-in-the-loop platforms
to assess vehicle dynamics behaviour. Developed a multibody algorithm benchmarking and
ranking website oriented towards international scientific collaboration.
2011 Internship Student
Department for Urban Planning, Town Hall, Cedeira


2014 - 2018 PhD in Industrial and Naval Engineering
University of A Coruña
2012 - 2013 Industrial and Naval Technologies Research M. Eng
University of A Coruña
2003 - 2011 Industrial Engineering B. Eng + M. Eng (Mechanical Eng specialization)
University of A Coruña


2021 DevOps with Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Git, GitFlow and CI/CD
Hands-On Test Driven Development with Python
Jenkins, From Zero To Expert: Become A Jenkins Master
SOLID and Clean Code principles. Write quality code
2014 C1 Certificate in Advanced English
Cambridge School
2013 Introduction to Python
University of A Coruña
2011 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Stanford University Online
Introduction to Machine Learning
Stanford University Online
Child Education and Support Volunteering
Nepal Sonríe NGO
2008 Welding
Navantia Ferrol
2004 C Programming
2003 Coastal Skipper
Nautical and Fishing School, Ferrol
2002 Basic and Intermediate English, 4 year program
Official School of Languages, Cedeira
2001 AutoCad


My current main technologies are C++ and Python, and I regularly work with Bash, Flask, HTML/CSS and
JavaScript, In the past I’ve used Fortran, Matlab/Octave and Django. I’ve been developing mostly under
GNU/Linux, where I am the most comfortable, but I spent my two first research years in Windows and I
have also developed under Mac OS for a few months.

I usually fiddle with Raspberry Pis, and from time to time also with Arduinos, ESP32 and ESP8266. I’ve
also developed some small home projects using Python, Bash, JavaScript/Node, Django, REST APIs, Websockets,
SQLite, HTML/CSS and Qt among others. I’m familiar with web development, graphic design, 3D modeling,
scientific writing and audio/video edition.


English C1
Spanish Native
Galician Native